Day 30 & 31 – And so it ends

Day 30 & 31 – And so it ends

We looked at a lot of fun things to do for our last day and a half and in the end decided to spend our time soaking in the sun and chilling by the pool. Things we excel at and won’t get for a while at home. Jet Skiing and 4 wheeling will have to wait until next time. It is amazing how much there is to do in such a small country but we are leaving with more to check off on the list.

For my last post on this trip I thought I would let the whole family chime in and share some of their favourite little quirks about life in Panama.

I love this country. The people were kind and friendly and the pace was perfect. Some things definitely stood out though:

  • They have food costs right side up. Fresh fruits and vegetables are plentiful and affordable. Processed food is expensive and specific brands are hard to find.
  • Fruit and veg stands are literally everywhere! And the produce is unbelievably delicious. There were so many times that I tried a food and said “Oh thats what that should taste like”
  • The colours are so bright. North American decor is often so muted and beige, it was amazing to see a culture that fearlessly uses colour to express themselves.

I never thought I’d find a country that rivals the scenery and awe of my own. The vast forests and jungles, the mountains, the oceans (I only saw the Pacific side), rivers, inlets – not to mention the various ships and vessels at the mouth of the Panama Canal. The people here – locals and expats, alike – were welcoming, accepting and helpful. There were little things here that they do differently that make me wonder why we never thought of them. For example, in areas of high vehicular traffic (construction zones, high-volume areas of their major highways, etc..), they have people who stand between lanes and sell stuff – lottery tickets, snacks, fruit and trinkets. Why can’t we have vendors like that on the DVP?

Callum: I like that there are cats everywhere and that it is hot. I liked the cooler mountains more though. I liked that it always felt like a small town and that there are pools everywhere.

Connor: I liked the people, the people were very nice. I liked the weather since I had no snow to shovel and the rain cooled things down when they got too hot. I like all the sites to see, it was very beautiful plus the many things to do.

So that’s all folks. As I type we are parked in a lounge at PTY waiting for out time to board. Hopefully it will be the best kind of flight, uneventful and quick. Can’t wait for our next adventure!

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