The road ahead!

The road ahead!

After our lovely March we are back in Panama! So wonderful to leave the snow and the politics behind.

Yesterday was a long day. With a 3am start we slogged with our 8 suitcases through Pearson to board with our 3 fur babies. Sadly Josie was too old to safely make the trip but has settled beautifully in with a family friend who has a senior cat of her own.

Tips for a successful cat trip:

– Bach’s Rescue Remedy is the best. We didn’t go pet specific blend because it is suspended in glycerin but the human variant worked just fine

– Get them used to the carriers. Use treats and toys.

– Do your research. We flew through customs because our paperwork was complete and well organized


– Lots and lots of love

Cats aren’t so different from humans after all. Love, treats and paperwork make for smooth sailing.

Today we take the boys for a nice long drive to their new home where we can all settle in together.

Loved these back packs. They fit perfectly under the seat in the plane and extend for car comfort.
The road ahead.

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