Days 15 and 16 – Lovely and Quiet

Days 15 and 16 – Lovely and Quiet

One of the challenges of our current place in Potrerillos is the internet. It is dreadful and slow in our rental, to be honest despite its beauty this house is arguably one of the worst air bnb properties I have ever had. Phil assures me that if we make a move to this area he will make sure we have good and stable internet so that I can work and blog reliably. I’m assuming we also won’t have an old Spanish lady who makes weird moaning noises and watches our every move either so that will be a huge perk. Honestly if he can make fast internet in this part of the country he may have a second, very successful, division of readyIT on his hands.

With two full and busy days of work we refocused on the main purpose of this mission, seeing if this is a place we might like to live some day. So we did the work thing which went well and looked around to make sure we could still enjoy some of the leisure activities we enjoy at home.

Our first fun from home activity was a trip to the local trampoline park on Thursday with a group of expats that we have joined. Phil and I got to know several new friends better and the boys socialized and met some new people as well. Apologies for the lack of pictures but there were some threats if I embarrassed Connor in front of his potential new buds with my usual shutter bug ways.

Friday’s work endeavors were somewhat marred by the appearance of Mothra on the back patio. Our nightly Euchre games had been joined by a giant flying light loving insect that crazily slammed into everything ( I swear he almost knocked the fan down more than once). He has been hilariously entertaining and MIA since Mothra showed up dead on the patio. We assume this is the same bug. I was sad to see him go so Cal made me lunch. A dish which he called “Watermelon a la Callum”. It’s a tough recipe but delicious and I really think it will catch on.

Friday night we went to the movies to see Shazam 2 (enjoyed by all). There are two ways that they show movies here. They are either Dubbed (the dialogue is replaced by Spanish speakers) or Subbed (Everything as filmed in English with Spanish subtitles). We obviously caught a subbed show. Great way to learn a bit of Spanish while enjoying the hilarious antics of Zachary Levi. The best part? The cost! 4 movie tickets, drinks and popcorn for all with candy for some came to 40$ (24$ for tickets and 16$ for the snacks). Plus a great time had by all!

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