Day 17 – More things to jump off of

Day 17 – More things to jump off of

Classic Callum Photo

There are a lot of cool places in Panama but this has to top the list.

Easier to access than the waterfalls that dot the countryside these canyons were carved out by lava flow and then filled with a river that runs from the mountains to the Pacific. It goes through Boquete and is wonderfully warm and gentle to swim in. Even the rocks on the bottom and fish that stalked me around eating the sunblock off my legs were no deterrent to a fun day.

As always Connor was in his element with lots of things to climb and jump off of but Callum steals the show with his classic Callum photo bomb. We splashed and played, I took heat from the kids (again) for not packing a picnic (AGAIN) but what can I do?

Panamanians do picnics in style. There was a lady on the rocks who had built a fire and was cooking actual rice. I’m a heck of a cook but rice over a fire?! Hard pass, call me crackers and fruit when I have a cooler available, which we sadly did not have room for in our luggage.

To Phil’s deep chagrin none of the locals responded to his puppy dog eyes with offers of beer. Oh well you can’t win all the time and he managed to have fun despite his complete lack of bevvy.

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