Day 1 in the sun

Day 1 in the sun

Day 1 was light and breezy. We explored all the grocery stores and stocked up for the next 10 days (did I mention the pineapple????). The town is littered with fun statuary from all the floats displayed during last week’s Carnivale festivities. Sorry to have missed that but the flight saving are very comforting.

Our front porch has an amazing hammock. The weather is perfect and reading in the hammock is a favourite pastime. We may end up with a war between Connor and Callum over hammock time or a schedule. Probably a war then a schedule.

Playa El Arenal (Literally Beach of the Sandy Area) was lovely, about 10 minutes away. The water was perfect and I got stung by a jelly fish. Short trip to the beach. I promise more pics next time šŸ™‚

One thought on “Day 1 in the sun

  1. To stop the wars why not just say it is an adult space – 18 or older only. Then the war will between you and Phil and they can try to mediate. Let them see what it is like for a change.
    I wouldn’t mind taking the boat for a romp in the ocean or spending a day crashing the waves.

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