Day 11 – Worth the wait!

Day 11 – Worth the wait!

We finally found it! The mysterious and elusive waterfall of awesomeness, and I do mean awesome.

Through a combination of google satellite images and tips from locals we were finally able to chart a course that our poor clown car could handle. That is not to say that the path was without potholes or hills. Some of the potholes were so big that they could have swallowed the car whole but they were easily navigated around and the car handled the twisty up and downs of the road better than expected.

I have to say I want the job of the local who was lucky enough to discover this natural wonder on his land. His livelihood includes sitting in a chair waiting for people to show and then charging them 5$ a head to drive over a rickety road and park in a dust filled lot. I don’t want to minimize his efforts though. There was a shack at the head of the trail to change in and the trail itself was fairly well maintained with hand holds and a few staircases added in to keep the gringos from breaking their necks.

Definitely a popular weekend spot for locals as well as tourists and expat wannabes like ourselves. We met some lovely folks who cheered Phil and Connor on in their insane jumping antics, and Phil managed to bogart some beer, so he was happy. Beyond cheering they helpfully showed them the best way to climb up and the best spots to jump from and to. I have to say that we have met so many amazing people here, local and otherwise. Everyone has been friendly and helpful.

Not much English here though so I recommend learning at least the basics of Spanish if you are planning a visit. I know my time spent on Duolingo has been invaluable and my translate app has picked up the slack admirably.

Overall an amazing day and the kids were begging to go back, which we may well do.

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