Day 4 – A long day with not much in it

Day 4 – A long day with not much in it

After two busy days we took some time to chill and bathe in Aloe Vera gel. Topped up our groceries, slept in a bit…you know just another day in paradise.

We did take a trip to the beach to test out Starlink mobile to make sure we had back up internet. It worked like a charm and we made two new friends who were interested in the results. Craig and Lindsay were so fun and showed us their favourite beach bar. They have been here a while and had tons of tips about all the cool places to go.

After the party broke up I spent some time swimming and staring at a hole in the beach. It sounds weird but it’s never the same thing popping out of them twice. No better way to while away the afternoon than a dip, a book and a strange ground hole with odd things popping out.

We wrapped up the day with a twilight game of soccer and a rousing sword fight.

Still no chickens, the dogs are running away with this competition.

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